Interview with Austin Meyer

Why is x-plane called x-plane, what does laminar reasearch mean ? We speak with Austin Meyer , founder of Laminar Reasearch, creator of X-plane and filmaker to find out the answers to these questions!


Razbam speak to PCSimulators.org

The developers of the Highly anticipated AV-8B harrier module for DCS talk to PCSimulators.org 


1C Publishing, publishers of the IL2 series speak to PCSimulators.org

Since 2001 the IL 2 series has gained huge popularity, the developers of one of the best World War 2 combat simulators talk to us about IL2 and whats in the pipeline from them!


TML Studios Interview

Read our conversation with TML Studios who brought us the best Coach Simulator on PC and the amazing underground simulator series World of Subways


The Orbx Interview

PCSimulators.org talk to Orbx, developers of highly realistic scenery for major flight simulators


Interview with Chuck - Creator of Chuck's Guides for DCS Aircraft

Download excellent guides for many DCS aircraft and read our interview with the creator of these aewsome guides, Chuck.


IPACS interviewed by PCSimulators

IPACS speak to us about the impressive Aerofly FS2 flight Simulator


Career Mode in a Flight Simulator Poll?

The results are in from our Twitter Poll about wanting to see a career mode in a Flight Simulator. An overwhelming majority want to see such a mode with a huge 82% voting YES and only 18% voting NO! Which developer will be first to offer this mode ?