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Bus Simulator 2016 - Let's Play and Review

by Vito Caresimo 30/4/2016

With OMSI 2 already on the market and Fernbus Simulator coming soon, the bus simulator market is hotting up!

For this review we will be looking at Bus Simulator 2016.

Starting the game you are presented with a screen to enter your company name, after entering the company name you are asked if you want to play through the tutorial which will definitely help you get started quickly.

After a short load screen you are placed in a road in Spring City where the owner of a Bus Company greets you. Apparently you have just bought his Bus Company as he is retiring to spend more time with his family. Walking around is accomplished with the usual WASD keys. W for forwards, S for Backwards, A for Left and D for Right. Holding SHIFT whilst pressing any of these keys allows you to run, just like in most popular FPS (first person shooter) games.

The Let's Play Bus Simulator 2016 Video


The old man guides you through a few things for example, how to open the doors and get in, switching on the lights, engine and closing the doors. Most of these actions have hot keys which you can change as well as being able to click them with the mouse on the dashboard itself. To do this you need to Press the RIGHT mouse button which will get you into mouse cursor mode, Once you are in this mode you can left click on the bus controls instead of using the hotkeys if you want to be more realistic!

The cockpit detail is good but in comparison to OMSI 2 its no where near as detailed but this doesn't mean its a bad thing. After starting the bus, closing the doors, releasing the brake and switching on the lights you are ready to go.

Controls are configurable via the options menu and you can add secondary controls too, you can cycle through the available controllers by clicking the drop down box in the options which allows you to select all attached controllers.

I was using a Logitech G27 and found that the accelerator and brake were setup ok but I needed to configure the steering and indicators. Also bear in mind if you have multiple controllers like I have , it may be wise to unplug or switch them off as I found that sometimes they conflict and some controls even though they set they dont work in the game, it may be ok for others but for me I found it best to switch off my pro throttle and fighterstick.

Driving off , i came to my first junction and quickly realized one thing, TRACKIR (head tracking software) inst supported yet, moving my head left to look out for traffic didn't do anything so I had to set a key for looking left and right, You can also use the mouse for this if you want but as I was using a wheel , its a bit awkward to reach out for the mouse when driving so set a key on my wheel to look left and right and set the indicators on the paddles for left and right indicators.

Driving the bus itself is smooth and fun, its responsive and feels realistic. hitting the kerb as I did a few times also feels as it would in the real world. A GPS is on your dashboard to guide you along and shows you where the stops are. In the top left corner of the screen , an indicator also shows how late or early you are running.

Stopping at my first stop, I see passengers waiting with some passengers checking their watches, some are on their mobile phones as well, so good detail on this. In OMSI 2 passengers seem like zombies yet in Bus Simulator they are a little more human. After pulling into the bus stop you  apply the bus brake, then you need to kneel the bus, that is lowering it so passengers can get on comfortably, after kneeling the bus you open the doors and the passengers get on and off. You get rated for your timing and how many tickets you sell amongst other things. So there is a scoring system to keep you interested.

After the passengers are all on you raise the bus, take off the brakes and indicate to pull out. I found the AI cars quite generous in letting you out, the AI on the cars is very good and they dont behave like idiots and just crash into you.

Moving on through the city, the graphics are good, not awesome but good, the framerate didnt stutter for me and I was able to put all my settings on Ultra with no issues. At the next stop a passenger asks to buy a ticket, some passengers have prepaid ticjets and get on without needing to purchase a ticket, some need to buy a ticket and this is where you need to press CTRL to operate the ticket machine. Its straight forward enough, the passenger asks for a ticket eg a regular, all you need to do is press regular on the ticket machine and then Print. This prints the ticket, you need to give the passenger change if necessary as well. This is also accomplished by clicking on the various amounts on the cashier machine.

Once you reach the last stop , you park the bus in the depot and the initial tutorial is over. You are then able to proceed with the next part of the game.

After completing the tutorial, you are given a task of driving a route, customizing your bus and adding stops to a route.

This time you start in the office (or if you wish you can do a quick start). You find a cup of coffee on the table which you can drink before you set off. After drinking your coffee you can head to the gate where you need to press a button to open the doors for the bus to leave the depot. Getting into the bus you start your engines and switch on your lights and you are ready to go and collect passengers. Sometimes the doors even get jammed and you need to leave your seat to unjam the door and fix it yourself!

After driving the route you unlock some colours which allows you to change the appearance of your bus, more colours are unlocked as you progress through the game.

Buses included in the Game

Six true-to-life city buses, including two Lion’s City buses licensed by MAN, and a gigantic freely accessible world are available in game. You transport your passengers to their destinations across five authentic city districts and can drive a two-door, three-door, or a true-to-life articulated bus.

Multiplayer Support

in Bus Simulator 16 you can invite your friends into your game in multiplayer mode and let them take over routes for you. The money they earn can be used to expand your shared company and thus perfect public transportation in your city.


Bus Simulator 16 is  also mod-friendly, and you can use programs like Blender and Gimp to adjust the visual appearance of the existing buses to your liking, as well as integrate your own custom buses and buildings into the game.


6 realistic buses: 2 door buses, 3 door buses, and articulated buses 

2 MAN Lion’s City buses 

Gigantic freely accessible city with 5 authentic districts that you can unlock one by one, for a great open-world experience 

Plan your own routes and drive them yourself 

A multitude of pedestrians and vehicles with different behaviors bring the city alive 

Various challenging traffic situations (rush hour, mobile road works, demonstrations, emergency vehicles) 

Unforeseen situations such as stuck doors and special requests from your passengers constantly demand your attention 

Follow the traffic rules and stick to your schedule in order to unlock the various buses, districts, and missions 

Manage your company, hire drivers with various characteristics and skills, and optimize your routes and your profit 

Manage your bus company with your friends in multiplayer mode 

Customize your buses with different colors and decals 

Modding: Customize your buses and your city to suit your individual tastes, acquire new buses, and integrate them into the game 

Popular steering wheels and gamepads are supported 

With english Voice Overs

PCSIMULATORS.org score 8.5/10

A truly fun game, addictive gameplay, great graphics, atmospheric sounds, one of the most enjoyable games we have played in a while. If TRACKIR is added we would really give this a 9/10.