Flight Sims Comparison

Flight Simulators have been around for manmy decades, I remember playing the PSION flight simulator and Night Flight for the ZX Spectrum and though way back then how amazing it was to fly a plane inthe virtual world.

Then it Was just a 2D cockpit with basic avionics.


Now we have 3D views clouds, weather, ground services, different liveries and sometimes you cant even tell if a photo from a flight sim is real or not!


There is also countless amounts of resources you can add. Scenery, Airports, ground vehicles and more. Flight simulation has become more and more realistic since the early spectrum days.


The main Flight Simulators include Microsoft Flight Simulator, Xplane, DCS and Prepar3D. Each has their strenghts and weaknesses.


FSX, Xplane and Prepar3D have civilian and private aircraft whilst DCS concentrate more on Military aircraft including some amazing Helicopters like the DCS Huey, MI8, KA50 and the soon to be available Gazelle.