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1C Publishing Interview

1C studios are the name behind the hugely popular IL2 series. IL2 is a combat simulator. IL-2 Sturmovik was initially released in November 2001. Based on world war 2 scenarios it includes many aircraft from this era. The IL2 series is one of the best combat simulators for the World War 2 period. We spoke to the publishers of this awesome series 1C. 


What’s behind the name 1C Publishing?

1C Publishing is office in Prague for PR, marketing and international sales for 1C titles . 


How long have you been making games?

We have started game development in 1997 and our first title was released in 1999 (Konung Legend of the North). The first game in IL-2 series was released in 2001.

below the cover of the original IL2 simulator released in 2001

IL 2 Sturmovik Coverart

How many in the team?

20+ people in the office + outsourcers.

What’s in the pipeline in regards of simulation from 1C?

1C Game Studios  is finishing Battle of Kuban which is the third installment of our continuing IL-2 Sturmovik combat flight-simulator series. Battle of Kuban will stand beside Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow as the world's premier WWII combat flight-simulation for the PC. 

  • il2battleofstalingrade.jpg
  • il2battleofstalingradd.jpg
  • il2battleofstalingradc.jpg
  • il2battleofstalingradh.jpg
  • il2battleofstalingradj.jpg
  • il2battleofstalingradf.jpg
  • il2battleofstalingradi.jpg
  • il2battleofstalingradg.jpg
  • il2battleofstalingrada.jpg
  • il2battleofstalingradb.jpg

Will there be another IL2 sim following battle of Stalingrad? 

Battle of Stalingrad is only the first of a series of simulation products we have developed or are developing. Battle of Moscow has already been released and we are finishing Battle of Kuban in December of this year, but you can already play it as part of our Early Access program. We will be announcing what title follows after Battle of Kuban later this month.  

Which is your most popular IL2 game?

All IL-2 products have a loyal and dedicated followings. The original still has a large fan base, but it has been on the market a very long time, so I guess you could argue the original is the most popular. However, the current generation of IL-2 products is growing very rapidly as we continue to expand content, introduce new technology and new game-play features to our fans. 


During design of the IL series were any pilots used to test the flight dynamics ?

Yes, we have regular contact with real-world pilots and our Lead Engineer is a licensed private pilot. Many of our customers are real-life pilots in the military or fly for commercial airlines. We also have scores of general aviation and sport pilots who let us know if we have gotten something right or wrong. We also consulted with a legend of Soviet aeronautics before his passing. The gentleman's name was Stepan Anastasovich Mikoyan. He flew in the Battle of Stalingrad and was a test pilot. He very much enjoyed seeing what we have accomplished in simulating WWII aircraft on the computer.  

What tools were used in the making of IL 2 e.g. Photoshop, Maya?

We use a wide array of tools both commercially available like 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and Maya. However, we also have specialized tools that are tailored made by our team to help us make the aircraft, systems, maps and performs tests. 

There is a distinct lack of flight sims on the consoles, any plans to make any of the flight simulators for the next gen consoles like xbox 1 and PS4 ?

The latest version of IL-2 Sturmovik made by 1CGS is incompatible with the consoles. Because of our complex physics, large terrain maps and other realistically rendered and computed features it would be extremely difficult to port to a console. The power of a gaming PC is what is needed to run the game at a decent frame-rate. I doubt you will see an iteration of the current Sturmovik come to the consoles. There are some decent flying games on the PC, but they won't have the same level of fidelity that we have on the PC with our Sturmovik. 

below IL2 1946 screenshots

  • il21946e.jpg
  • il21946c.jpg
  • il21946a.jpg
  • il21946g.jpg
  • il21946f.jpg
  • il21946d.jpg
  • il21946b.jpg

How much code was used to make the IL2 series?

I believe there are a couple million lines of code for our Sturmovik at this point. Not to mention several hundred other files and hundreds of other pieces of content that makes up the game. 

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