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Captain Sim Interview

Captain Sim speak to PCSimulators.org

PCSimulators.org bring you another big name in PC Simulation. We spoke to Captain Sim who are one of the major developers for high quality aircraft addons for FSX and P3D. They have created some of the most detailed and realistic aircraft addons as well as the popular 737 and 757 aircraft the products also include a a space shuttle and older aircraft like the legendary C-130. Combined with great graphics and flight model, Captain Sim are one of the major flight simulation addon developers on the market today. Find out more about them below: 

Q. What was captain Sim’s very first aircraft?

A. The first payware from scratch https://www.captainsim.com/products/l039/

s11f  sc8f

Q. Do real pilots test the aircraft ?

Yes they do.

Q. Do airlines get involved with the development of any aircraft ?

A. No.

Q. X-Plane is a major flight simulator , are there any plans to develop aircraft for X-Plane?

A. May be.

Q. Helicopters have a large fan base amongst our followers, are there plans to release any helicopters for any of the flight sims?

A. No. We are fixed wing people.

below Captain Sim 757 Captain III & Boeing 737 for P3Dv4 (click images to watch the aircraft in flight)

cs757 cs737

Q. We notice you have a wireless CDU available, how does this work and will it be available for all aircraft?
A. Yes it will.

Q. Any plans to release aircraft for Aerofly FS2?

A. No.

Q.  How long does it take to develop an aircraft?

A. It is 3-5 years.

below : Boeing 777-200 for FSX. Click images to watch video

vlcsnap 2018 02 13 13h45m25s309 vlcsnap 2018 02 13 13h45m36s246

Q. How many in the team?

A. Depends on the project, 4-10 people.

Q. What tools are used to design the aircraft?

A. Brains primarly :)

Q. Which sim is easier to work with?

A. None. All of them are very complex.

Screenshots showing the cockpits of Captain Sim Aircraft, 737 (P3Dv3) & 757 (P3Dv4). Click images to enlarge.

vlcsnap 2018 02 13 13h38m23s503 vlcsnap 2018 02 13 13h40m04s267 


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