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SOLO HHA 1993-1994

Hamburg SOLO HHA 1993-1994

The HOCHBAHN company acquired 71 low entry buses in the years 1993 (vehicle # 13xx) and 1994 (vehicle # 14xx). They were 12 meters long, featured 2 doors and mainly the same equipment as the other buses in Hamburg in these years. 5 of them were used as driving school vehicles. They were all missing rpm indicators but were equipped with the typical seperate ignition key and 5-speed automatic transmission with lockup from 3rd gear onwards. The mechanical “TIM” ticket printer was replaced in the late 90s by the digital EFAD (translates as Electronic Ticket Printer). In the early 2000s, a digital radio and GPS control was installed to improve the passenger information system. A few other details were changed during the following years. The green cushions were replaced with red-blue ones. The electric wheelchair ramp was removed because it was hardly working. A manual flap ramp was installed as a replacement. The buses were also equipped with additional busstop displays for the passengers and automatic announcements. In-game you’ll find the original equipment represented by the vehicle numbers 13xx and the later condition by vehicles with numbers 14xx. All original 71 vehicles were sold during 2007-2009.




Length: 11.910 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height: 2935 mm
Engine: 6 cylinders (row), horizontal, 11,9 l, four stroke direct injection, rated 2200 rpm, 157 kW = 213 HP
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Electronic speed limiter: ~90 kph
Unloaded weight: 10.350 kg
Gross load weight: 18.000 kg
Seats: 40+1, standing rooms: 59