SD200-SD82 (Ticket Printer)

SD200-SD82 (Ticket Printer)


Significant innovation of the 70 buses of SD82 stock is their new matrix display equipment "ANNAX" (Alphanumerical communication and display system with X possibilities). The destination displays consist of multiple grids of small light-grey colored bistable plates. At first, these displays were controlled by a special device above the windscreen, at the end of the 80s, this function was integrated into the new IBIS board computer. Five buses of this series were fitted with an additional line display on the left. The others were prepared for a later fitting (which never happened) but had only a blind rubber edging.

sd200 sd82tpyt



- Technical Specifications -

Length: 11.490 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height: 4060 mm

Engine: MAN D2566MUH, 141 kW at 2100 RPM
Gearbox: Voith D851
Maximum speed: 75 km/h

Empty weight: 10700 kg
Gross weight: 16.000 kg

Seats upper deck: 47
Seats lower deck: 34
Standing places: 8