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TML Studios

TML Studios are the name behind many PC Simulation games. Their products include the excellent World of Subways Series where you can drive underground trains in London,Berlin & New York & Fernbus Simulator which as far as we know is the only Coach Simulator on the PC at the moment!

If you want to read up on more about underground simulators on the PC , check out our article on underground & subway simulators on the PC here.

We first experienced products by TML when looking for a London Underground Simulator for the PC, we decided to check out World of Subways 3 and were not disappointed. This is our faovurite underground simulator as we are very familiar with London and as kids growong up in the 1970s and 80s always wanted to try out driving one of those London Underground Trains and now could!

below - World of Subways reviews

Amazing graphics, great atmosphere. realistic stations and environments and as well as being able to drive the train you could even sit on the as a passenger! We then moved onto World of Subways 1,2 and 4 and again were not disappointed.

One of our most popular videos on our channel is for World of Subways 2 which conentrates on the underground route in Berlin.With over 40 stations, it is the longest of all Berlin lines and has been reproduced faithfully by the TML studios team!

Coach Simulation is something we have not seen much of on the PC, there a bus simulators but the only coach simulator which we took notice of was Fernbus. Ferbus is based on the Flixbus who operate a number of coach routes throughout Europe. Currently Fernbus simualtor is based on routes in Germany but we are told this is soon to expand to other countries too. I'm sure most would like to see some major cities like Rome, London, Paris, Barcelona and other cities included in the game but we have to wait and see. We do know from the interciew ww had from TML that additional countries are planned for sure so check out the interview below for more info. 

below - our reviews of Ferbus Coach Simulator - (click image to view video)

Q, Why the name TML Studios?
A: TML stands for the name of the founder "Thomas Michael Langelotz"

Q. Where is the team based?
A: The Studio is based in Erfurt, Germany.

Q. How many in the team?
A: Currently there are 10-12 team members.

Q. What was your first ever release?
A: Our first game as a company was "Berlin Subway", an add on for Microsoft Train Simulator, released in 2004.

Q. How did you guys get all the data for World of Subways series, did you visit each track?

A: This was different with every project. We tried to get as much information as possible and of course visited every city beforehand. With World of Subways 3, we had a direct cooperation with the Transport Authority of London, who gave us access to tunnels and trains for reference recordings.

Q. What tools to TM Studio use in designing the simulators?
A: Over the years, we have always used different engines. Currently, we're using the Unreal Engine, which we plan to use for many years to come.

Q. Which is your longest project to date?
A: This is probably Fernbus Coach Simulator. We have never had a project this big, and we are still not done. Many new features and DLCs are still being developed.

  • fernbus7.jpg
  • fernbus5.jpg
  • fernbus1.jpg
  • fernbus4.jpg
  • fernbus3.jpg
  • fernbus9.jpg
  • fernbus11.jpg
  • fernbus2.jpg
  • fernbus8.jpg
  • fernbus10.jpg

Q. Is there going to be a World of Subways 5 and if so where will it be based?

A: We cannot confirm anything yet. We know that there is great interest in a new World of Subways game, but there are no direct plans yet. First off, we need to finish our current "The Bus" project, and then we'll see what comes next.

Q. Are there any plans to include more countries in Fernbus simulator?
A: Yes, we're currently developing Austria, Switzerland, and France. With the Modding Tools open for all, there will be more countries to come.

Q. What’s in the pipeline for Fernbus?
A: A lot! A bunch of updates with new features and fixes, free for all, as well as a bunch of DLCs, including new buses, new cities, and further features, such as an interactive ingame radio.


Q. Are TML working on any new projects?
A: We are currently working on "The Bus" (project name), which is a city bus simulation game based in Berlin, featuring a full featured multiplayer.

  • cbs_berlin3.jpg
  • cbs_berlin_scania_citywide4.jpg
  • cbs_berlin7.jpg
  • cbs_berlin1.jpg
  • cbs_berlin_scania_citywide6.jpg
  • cbs_berlin_scania_citywide2.jpg
  • cbs_berlin_scania_citywide7.jpg
  • cbs_berlin5.jpg
  • cbs_berlin_scania_citywide.jpg
  • cbs_berlin10.jpg
  • cbs_berlin8.jpg
  • cbs_berlin4.jpg
  • cbs_berlin9.jpg
  • cbs_berlin_scania_citywide3.jpg
  • cbs_berlin2.jpg
  • cbs_berlin_scania_citywide5.jpg
  • cbs_berlin6.jpg


Many thanks to the team at TML Studios for taking time to talk to us.



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