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SCS interview

SCS software is one of the biggest names in PC Simulation Gaming. They are responsible for the hugely successful Euro Truck Simulator series and recently also American Truck Simulator. We managed to set up an interview with SCS to ask them about their current and future projects including a possible coach simulator as well as to learn more about the company itself. Read our exclusive interview with SCS!

below Euro Truck Simulator 2

  • ets2a.jpg
  • ets3.jpg
  • ets4.jpg
  • ets5.jpg
  • ets6.jpg
  • ets7.jpg
  • etsb.jpg

Q. Why is SCS called SCS?

A. First letters from surnames of founders: Sebor, Cesky, Sebor. It was supposed to be a placeholder until we invent something more cool, but learned to live with it.


Q. When was it formed?
A. SCS as brand is at market for 20 years this ear. Initially a partnership of the three founders, SCS Software was transformed into a registered company about 10 years ago.


Q. Where is the team based?
A. Our main base of operations is Prague, Czech republic. We're cooperating with external coworkers, testers and supporters from around the world.

below American Truck Simulator

  • ats3.jpg
  • ats4.jpg
  • ats5.jpg
  • ats6.jpg
  • ats7.jpg
  • atsa.jpg
  • atsb.jpg

Q. How many in the team?
A. There are about 100 SCS software team members on site in our Prague office now, and a couple of dozen scattered around the globe.


Q. Which products are your most popular?
A. Our game Euro Truck Simulator 2 has over 4.5 million copies sold already after 5 years on the market, with 500K+ people playing it regularly. Its younger brother American Truck Simulator is close to breaking the 1 million copies sold barrier.

below pcsimulators look at American Truck Simulator


Q. Why did you decide to do a truck simulator?

A. When SCS worked as team for hire working on small budget projects, we stumbled upon this niche genre, and really liked it. We are loyal to it ever since – for the past 15 years or so.

Q. With ETS 2 and ETS were real lorry drivers asked to test the simulator?
A. There are many professional drivers amongst people who are playing and testing our games. We have truck drivers also in our dev team.

below : professional drivers are used to test ETS and ATS (example photo)

lorry driver

Q. How many cities are currently in both ETS2 and ATS?
A. ETS 2: 150+ (inc. all map expansion and upcoming Italia), ATS: 60+ (inc. New Mexico)


Q. What software is used to create the trucks e.g. 3d studio, photoshop?
A. Maya, Photoshop, Blender.

maya photoshop blender

above the software used by SCS. Blender is a 3D modelling and animation software and is actually free to use!

Q. What programming language is used for the code?
A. C++ mostly.


Q. How many lines of code does ETS 2 have?
A. Close to a million on engine/game side, plus lots of various support scripts and tools in the development pipeline.

Q. How many lines of code does ATS have?
A. Same codebase/tools as ETS2, with only a few subtle changes.

Q. How long did ETS 2 and ATS take from initial idea to final release?
A. About 10 years till today :) They are both still very much development!


Q. Are you going to release a Coach Simulator, lots of fans want SCS to do this after your success with the Truck Sim?

below :Until the coach simulator comes out you can download a coach Mod to get coaches in ETS2


A. We have been working on coaches in our lab for some years, admittedly we have been distracted a couple of times when ETS2/ATS took priority, but we are not giving up, in some form coaches will appear in our driving universe.


Q. If yes to a coach simulator when we it be released?
A. When it is done. It is one of many projects we really want to make. It is not top priority in this moment but also not abandoned; a few people are still assigned to it and push it forward.


Q. Apart from your sims, what’s your favourite other simulator for pc?
A. 100 ppl = 100 tastes :) (Comment from one of company founders Pavel Sebor – I play non-driving sims quite a bit, for example Factorio as of recent years, but over the decades it‘s been many classics like sim city)



Q Can you tell us of any future products in the pipeline?
A. Aside from standard updates we're already working on map expansions for both ETS2 and ATS together with other smaller DLCs. We already delivered ATS: Mexico map expansion few weeks ago together with the release of ETS2: Italia and ETS2: Special Transport DLC before the end of this year.

below Italia DLC for ETS 2. Click image to watch video


Both games will continue to receive a lot of our love over the next year and beyond.

below ETS Italia DLC Screenshots

  • etsitali3.jpg
  • etsitalia1.jpg
  • etsitalia2.jpg
  • etsitalia4.jpg
  • etsitalia6.jpg
  • etsitlaia7.jpg

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